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Adelle is a modern Tel Aviv in the center of Kiev. This is the place where the food is always delicious, and its atmosphere is crowded, loud, and fun. Everything is real here - both food and love.

The Chief Alexei Krakovsky and his team helped us to fulfill our dream and bring the Israel cuisine to the Ukrainian capital, completing it with the relaxed mood of Tel Aviv’s streets.

Falafel in pita, sabih, hummus - the simplicity of food does not mean the simplicity of taste. Our kitchen steams, scumbags and amazes!

In Adelle you can leave behind the door all the difficulties of the world and just have a good time.

Velyka Vasylkivska str, 29
063 132 7890
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Sweet potato roasted on a bed of salt (tahini, pomegranate molasses and fresh thyme)
Pita sabich
Minute steak with potato salad and spicy yogurt
Ribeye steak
Hummus with turkey shwarma and amba
Hummus with spinach, chickpeas and soft-boiled egg
Cauliflower (yes, the one and only, with tahini and sumac)
Chocolate babka (we bathe it in hot chocolate)
Avocado toast on our sourdough bread - only for breakfast
Curd pancakes with coconut condensed milk - only for breakfast
Tel-Aviv, habibi, Tel-Aviv - only for breakfast
Shakshuka with roasted pepper
Pita with argentine prawns, truffle aioli and fire roasted eggplent
Bone marrow with crispy grilled bread, zhug and harissa
Grilled avocado with feta, fire roasted vegetables salad and tahini
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