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Osteria Pantagruel is where it all began. Over 22 years it has become a culinary landmark of the contemporary kiev.

Here we first shared our passion for italy with our guests: its wine, culture - ancient yet forever young, and food, ingenious in its simplicity.

We were able to do so with the help of our ligurian chef - Сonstantino Passalacqua.

1 Lysenka St
11:00 - 23:00

Grilled​​ beef ​​fillet
Spinach ​​fettuccine ​​with ​​anchovies,​ ​asparagus​ ​and ​​tomatoes
Seafood​​ risotto​​ with ​​fresh​​ tomatoes
Avocado​​ guacamole ​​with​​ poke​​ of​​ Scottish​​ salmon
Prosciutto bruschette
Saffron risotto
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