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Shoti is a georgian haute-cuisine restaurant. How could khachapuri, khinkali or lobio be haute-cuisine you may ask. Same as Robuchon's mashed potatoes or patterson's beetroot "rose".

Haute-cusines doesn't need to consist of extravagant ingredients. It is, rather, a philosophy. Our chef, Giya Khuchua, can spend days over a sauce or, even longer, over meat to make sure that georgian "simple" food is worthy of its' "simple" wine from our unique collection.

9 Mechikova St
12:00 - 23:00

Rolled Eggplant with walnuts
Khinkal with pork and veal
Kakhetian style oyster mushrooms stewed with estragon
Adzharian style khachapuri
Chicken Georgian Style
Sausages Abkhazura
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