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Shoti is a Georgian haute-cuisine restaurant. How could khachapuri, khinkali or lobio be haute-cuisine you may ask. Same as Robuchon's mashed potatoes or Patterson's beetroot "rose".

Haute-cusine doesn't need to consist of extravagant ingredients. It is, rather, a philosophy. Chef Aleksandre Baindurashvili cooks authentic Georgian food, boldly and delicately playing with some recipes on his own way. Beautifully pared with Georgian wine from our unique collection the food is worth enjoying.
9 Mechikova St

Duck leg pate with orange peel and swan salt; served with shoti croutons and nut jam
Overcooked cheesecake with pistachios and raspberry jam
Чіхіртма з куркою
Запечений сир сулугуні з аджикою
Lamb shoulder stewed with rosemary and garlic
Tomato salad suluguni wrapped nadugi cheese with adjika
Chicken Georgian Style
Gebjaliya with mint and cream sauce
Khinkal with pork and veal
Adzharian style khachapuri
Pork shashlyk with red onion and pomegranate juice
Khachapuri imeretian style
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